Matt is son #3 and hasn't figured out yet that he doesn't have to be asked to do something before actually doing it.  Matt is 11 and in 6th grade.  He loves sports, playing with friends, singing and leaving his socks stuffed down the side of the couch cushions.  Matt's nick name is's kind of a long story.  Matt is the touchy feely huggy kid of the family.  He gets that from his mom.  Matt is the one that looks after Addie the most.  Since he's closest in age to her he's the one that plays with her, walks home from school with her and usually looks out after her.  For some reason he's also the one that we can never get a straight story from.  Usually it's only part of the story and mainly the parts where he hasn't done anything wrong.  Always an adventure with Matt, but he's a keeper.
Dance festival 5th grade
Not even sure what this is
Gettysburg re-enactment
Marshmallow guns...if only we all used them
5th grade flag football
Super league baseball