Garrett is son #2 and the hardest for me to figure out.  Sarah says it's because he's the most like me as far as behavior goes.  Garrett is the "friend to all" kind of a kid.  Very happy-go-lucky and well liked.  His nick name is "Moo" which I think is a pretty cool name.  He's also our sensitive, moody kid which throws me at times.  Garrett is 13 years old and is in 8th grade.  He's still at that awkward, "what does it all mean?", and "where do I fit in to all this?" age.  Best thing about him is just that he's a really good kid.  Got manners too.
Out on the tramp
Mom and Moo at 6th grade graduation
Summer baseball
Fall football
Halloween at the cousins
6th grade dance festival